The World Standing Up as One for Israel

The International Work of the ICEJ Impacts Every Continent

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8 Dec 2016
The World Standing Up as One for Israel
Since the beginnings of our work in early 1980s, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has been actively involved in the nations, raising prayer in all corners of the world and inspiring churches to discover God’s heart for His people. We bring awareness of what God is doing in Israel and encourage engagement on political, social and educational level globally.

We reach out to churches and various Christian communities, as well as private and public schools, governmental institutions, businesses and more.  Above all, we inspire the nations to pray fervently for Israel and the Jewish people, as we see Biblical prophesies being fulfilled before our eyes.

With branches on every continent, the ICEJ is bringing change for the sake of Jerusalem and God’s purposes for His people.


With an office in almost every European nation, the ICEJ connects with churches to unite Christians in prayer for the fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel and the Bride – the Church. The ICEJ holds a strong and evident pro-Israel position in the political sphere of the continent, while also promoting Jewish-Christian reconciliation and raising support for Israel.


With some of the most astounding revivals happening in Asia, the Gospel is touching souls across the continent while also drawing people’s attention to the nation chosen by God. The ICEJ is hard at work in bringing awareness and support for Israel through the local ICEJ offices and representatives.


“From Jerusalem to the ends of the Earth” is a commission we take very literally, teaching the Bible and encouraging Christians even from the farthest lands in the Pacific to stand with Israel. Despite the geographical distance, Christians from Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding islands have been regularly attending the Feast of Tabernacles in great numbers.


A few years ago the ICEJ received a prophetic word that new national branches would open in ten Muslim countries. It wasn’t long after that when pastor Abdou Maiga from Mali/Senegal joined the ICEJ family and through his sphere of influence several new African countries opened their doors to the work of ICEJ. The most recent branch was inaugurated just this summer – in the country of MALAWI.


The deep concern for Israel and her safety is shared by many American and Canadian supporters of the ICEJ, who have been very active on the political scene in their countries and internationally. The “Not One Bomb for Iran” petition was signed by more than 60,000 people, and even more tens of thousands have joined the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative to regularly pray for Israel.


The dynamic Christian communities of Latin America are becoming increasingly stronger in their interest in and support for Israel. The ICEJ has been very successful in building a strong network of support for the people of Israel, both in prayer as well as diplomatically.


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