Speaking Shalom Over War-torn Ukraine

ICEJ update on the situation in Ukraine

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8 Nov 2015
Speaking Shalom Over War-torn Ukraine

Due to the expansion of our Aliyah work and new open doors in the nations for the ICEJ, we are happy to announce that Serguei Popov, a world-renowned musician, has been appointed to coordinate the work in Eastern Europe and the Stan Countries in central Asia. His heart for Aliyah work is an answer from the Lord for us to be able to move forward in helping the Jewish people to return to Israel.

- Juha Ketola, ICEJ International Director 


This summer has been pivotal for the work of ICEJ in Ukraine. New connections have been established as we prepare to help more Jewish people come home to Israel. It is impossible to predict how the situation will develop. Thus ICEJ-Ukraine is preparing for multiple scenarios, bringing help and protection to the Jewish people wherever they can, and assisting in their process of Aliyah.

This year ICEJ is also proud to introduce Dr. Grygorii Komendant as the new ICEJ Representative in Ukraine. Dr. Komendant, a recognized leader in the Christian community of Ukraine, is also the president of the local Bible Society. For many years he has been leading seminars on the topic of Israel at churches and various ministries in the Kiev region, and his heart is overcome by concern for the Jewish people in his home country.

Due to the dire circumstances, the ICEJ is renting a campsite to host Jewish refugees from conflict zones. One of the refugee camps will open in Irpen, a small town 35 km from Kiev, Ukraine’s capital. Estimated cost per person is 20 USD per day, which will include three meals a day and accommodation in nice, clean rooms. The facility can house between 100-150 refugees.

“War is not like you see it on TV,” shared Sergey Knyshenko, a local pastor. “Everything is much worse… the fear is so strong that you cannot sleep for weeks. It is hard to talk about those events. They left a mark on my mind. I was twice wounded and spent weeks in the hospital.” 

Today Knyshenko works with Dr. Komendant on the ICEJ team in Ukraine, and has been using even his private resources to help the Jewish people in the country.

“I get back to normal life and continue to serve the Jewish people,” he adds. “I know that God has called me to be part of his (? Should either be His or this) prophecy, where He will gather His people from the four corners of the Earth.”

Ukraine is continuously in need of our prayers. Pray for safety of the Jewish people and everyone involved in ICEJ work, including the process of Aliyah. Support our pioneer work in Ukraine at this essential stage. Donate to this worthy cause to sponsor the Ukrainian Jewry as they make Aliyah to Israel!


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