The rescue mission of Ethiopian Jewry continues!

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23 Jan 2017
The rescue mission of Ethiopian Jewry continues!
The first group of 63 ICEJ-sponsored Ethiopian immigrants came to Israel the same day as the Ethiopian Government ordered a ‘State of Emergency’, which restricted diplomatic travel and reduced mobile internet access. We are calling on your help to join the ICEJ in rescuing the last of the Ethiopian Jewry waiting to come to Israel!

On November 9th, the Government of Ethiopia lifted some of the travel restrictions after months of violent protests. This has allowed aliyah workers once again to travel to the Gondar region of Ethiopia to resume preparation for members of the Jewish community who have already been approved for aliyah. The office remained closed at the time, but the workers were helping the people to start on their journey. First they have to take a van or bus to Addis Ababa 600 km away, and there they need a flight to Israel to be arranged.

In November, more ICEJ-sponsored Ethiopian families have arrived in Israel, increasing the number of Ethiopian ‘olim’ to 84 this past year.

Today, despite all the many difficulties posed by the security situation, the Jewish Agency has reopened their offices in Gondar. There are still many challenges to the whole process of aliyah, but the Government of Israel is committed to its decision to bring 1,300 olim by the end of 2017. The ICEJ is also dedicated to sponsor and care for the Ethiopian Jews coming to Israel.

As Christians, we are devoted first and foremost to the Word of God. The prophet Isaiah said foreigners will be bringing Jewish sons and daughters back to their land. As followers of a Jewish Messiah, we want to be a part of this prophecy’s fulfillment! The Christian Embassy in Jerusalem wants to walk with the Ethiopian Jewry as they come back to Israel and make this land their home. Their absorption in the land of Israel may last up to two years or more.

Please pray for the safety of the remaining Jews in Ethiopia, that the speed of the aliyah will increase and also for all absorption needs to be met. You can play a major part in this historic and urgent wave of Ethiopian Aliyah!

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