New Faces of the ICEJ

New branch directors expand global reach

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12 Jun 2012
New Faces of the ICEJ

The ICEJ’s annual gathering of national directors in Prague last month drew a wide representation of our global ministry, including quite a few new faces. New branch directors from India, Italy and Thailand told the conference of how they came to love Israel and got involved with the Christian Embassy, while our veteran national director in Bolivia gave a remarkable testimony of God’s faithfulness.

Pastor Meka “Danny” Padma Rao

Pastor Meka “Danny” Padma Rao
“I can tell that the Christian Embassy is working with power to give light to Israel”

Pastor Danny was born into a Hindu family in southern India and has been in full-time Christian ministry since 1996 with an evangelistic outreach that stretches all across his vast nation. Much of his efforts have been directed at Hindus and Muslims, but over the past five years he has become more active in supporting Israel. He has been on several tours to Israel.

“I have always had a heart for Israel and I always end my services with a few minutes of prayer and teaching on Israel”, says Pastor Danny. Over the past year he also has handed out Israeli coins to more than 1800 fellow Indian pastors as a token to remind them to pray for Israel every day.

Pastor Antonio Rozzini

Pastor Tony Rozzini
“I am honestly humbled to serve the people of God, and have been very blessed since starting the ICEJ branch in Italy”

Antonio Rozzini has been a pastor, church planter and youth ministry coordinator for the Assemblies of God in Italy since 1993. He currently oversees a congregation of more than 300 members in the city of Bergamo, near Milan, while also working as a high school teacher.

Three years ago, Tony was challenged by a dear Finnish saint visiting his church concerning his lack of a clear stand on Israel. So he decided to visit Israel in 2009 and came away “hooked”. His personal study of the books of Romans and Revelations also opened his eyes to the importance of Israel’s restoration.

Pastor Tony is now trying to get the growing Evangelical body in Italy to realise their spiritual debt to the Jewish people. He became connected to the ICEJ through our UK national director, Pastor David Elms, and now he is eagerly planning conferences and concerts in Italy to build support for Israel. This will include performances by Italy’s best pianist playing music written by Jews in Nazi concentration camps.

Pastor Krisada Chusakulthanachai

Pastor Krisada Chusakulthanachai
“In the midst of darkness... we should focus on Him and His glory will be seen upon us. Arise and shine!”

Pastor Krisada has a great burden for his nation of Thailand, as 90% of the population is Buddhist and only 0.2% are Christians. He once saw a documentary on the mighty move of God taking place in Uganda and felt a boldness to believe the same could happen in his country. So he has been busy planting churches throughout Thailand over the past ten years.

In 2007, Pastor Krisada joined a tour of holy sites in Israel and also came to the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem for the first time. There, he had an encounter with the Lord concerning modern Israel’s place in God’s plans. Ever since, he has been teaching against Replacement theology, translating books about Israel’s restoration into his native Thai language, and organising tours to the Feast.  Over recent years the churches have opened up to his message on comforting Israel and his Feast tours are growing rapidly. Three years ago he had four Feast pilgrims, then 30, and last year over 100 Thai pilgrims joined his Feast tour.

Pastor Alberto Magno de Sales

Pastor Alberto Magno de Sales
“And when I come, whomever you approve... I will send to bear your gift to Jerusalem” 1 Cor. 16: 3

Pastor Alberto has been the national director of ICEJ-Bolivia for several years now and is bringing ever larger groups to the Feast of Tabernacles each year. This September, he is expecting to lead nearly 200 Bolivian pilgrims to this year’s gathering.

In Prague, Pastor Alberto also shared about a unique initiative he started some five years ago on behalf of Israel which is now observed in dozens of churches he is affiliated with. In keeping with the instructions of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 16:1-4, they hold a meeting every Friday night to teach about Israel and pray for the Jewish people and nation. The Shabbat gatherings also take up a weekly collection for the ministry of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. This has enabled Pastor Alberto to bring offerings to the Feast of over $50,000 in recent years, even though Bolivia is the poorest country in South America.

Pastor Alberto noted that since he began this practice, his ministry has exploded. His church is growing, God has been moving in healings and salvations, many in his congregation are prospering, and other churches in his network are reporting similar blessings from on high.


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