More Ethiopian Jews Arrive in Israel in May

ICEJ Aliyah - Be a Part of Their Journey!

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17 May 2017
More Ethiopian Jews Arrive in Israel in May

The ICEJ sponsors another large group of Ethiopian Jews approved by the Israeli government to make Aliyah

The next wave of Aliyah from Ethiopia arrives in Israel this May! The ICEJ is committed to standing with these families every step of the way. Therefore, as soon as they are back in Israel, we will help them settle in their promised land.

Most Ethiopian Jews returned to Israel in the early 1990s. However, some remained in their small community in this poor African country, caring for their elders and waiting for a future opportunity to make Aliyah. They long to come home to Israel. In November 2015, the Israeli government announced its intention to bring up to 9,000 Ethiopian Jews home by 2020. On October 9, 2016, the first wave of 63 of them arrived in Israel, thanks to the Christian support through the ICEJ.

We are grateful for every gift dedicated to this special endeavor! By sponsoring the return of the Ethiopian Jews to Israel, we become part of God’s fulfillment of His promise, recorded in Isaiah 43:5-7. As Christians, we can carry the sons and daughters of God’s chosen nation back to the land of their fathers (Is 49:22). We will be blessed for it in return, according to the spiritual law described in the Bible.

What a joy it is to see these Jewish families make their home in their Promised Land! It is not too late and it is our honor to play a part in their journey!

Join the ICEJ today and pave the way for more Ethiopian Jews to return to Israel! Send your gift here: 


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