A monument of Christian love for the people of Israel

ICEJ Forest of Life

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25 Jan 2017
A monument of Christian love for the people of Israel

There are close to 200,000 Holocaust survivors still alive in Israel, and nearly one-fourth of them are living below the poverty line. The ICEJ-sponsored Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors is a special place that provides emotional and physical support inside a warm and welcoming community.

To help the Holocaust survivors in their latter days, the ICEJ initiated a project called “Forest of Life”. A gift of 500 USD contributes to the vast expenses involved in running the Haifa Home and in making sure its residents receive essential care. To honor your contribution of 500 USD or more towards the wellbeing of Holocaust survivors, the ICEJ will plant an olive tree in your name in Jerusalem.

You may also plant a tree in the name of loved ones, which is an option that ICEJ staff member from South Africa, Jo Olsen, chose. Olsen bought a tree in the Forest of Life to support the Haifa Home, while also leaving a mark of love in the land of Israel on behalf of her son and daughter, and their respective families.

“Firstly, I wanted to somehow support the Holocaust survivors,” said Jo with conviction. “And secondly, as we are not citizens of Israel, I thought this would be a great way to leave a piece of my family in this land.”

Jo’s children and grandchildren were overwhelmed by the gesture and now want to plan a trip to Israel, “to see their tree”. In the near future Jo hopes to pay for yet another tree, this time in memory of her late husband. “It will be both in his and my name,” she added. “So the whole family can leave their mark in Israel.”

With a gift of 500 USD to the Forest of Life, you build a memorial of Christian love in the land of Israel. The trees revive the natural surroundings of the city of Jerusalem, while your contribution is aiding elderly Jewish residents of the Haifa Home.


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