Journey to the Promised Land

Jews from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia take a step of faith to return home.

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8 Dec 2016
Journey to the Promised Land

Throughout the centuries of living in the diaspora, Jewish communities around the world invested their all to create safe homes for their children in the countries in which they lived. When the modern state of Israel was established in the twentieth century, many Jewish families were afraid to risk what they had, and move to the land they knew only from the Bible.

Today, the remaining Jewish communities in the former Soviet Union countries of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are no longer safe and they are slowly realizing there is only one home – the land of Israel. The need for assistance to return them to their Promised Land is so great, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) recognizes this opportunity for Christians to participate in the fulfillment of prophecy, helping Jews return home!

The sudden decline of world oil prices caused the Russian and Belarusian currencies to lose more than half of their value and, following serious economic difficulties, Ukraine became entangled in a civil war. All three countries are stricken with capital flight, corruption, kleptocracy, mafia-like oligarchy and suppression of personal freedoms; all of which are influencing Jewish families to move to Israel.

Since the early 1990s, the ICEJ has been assisting Jewish people make Aliyah from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Today we help more than 2,000 people each year collect all necessary documents, and we extend hospitality and humanitarian help. The ICEJ even helps the immigrants travel to the airport if necessary, as many direct flights to Israel depart from Finland.


Please join us in assisting this sudden and remarkable surge in Aliyah from the former Soviet states! 


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