ICEJ Tribute to Pastor David Davis

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10 May 2017
ICEJ Tribute to Pastor David Davis
The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem joins the Body of Christ in Israel and around the world in marking with sadness and yet rejoicing the passing of our dear brother Pastor David Davis. He died on Sunday at age 79, having ran a complete and victorious race for the Lord. He leaves behind a unique and lasting legacy as an able minister of the oneness that can be found in Christ among both Jews, Arabs and Gentiles.

Pastor David Davis has been a pillar of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel over the past generation, most notably as the founding pastor of the Carmel Assembly (Kehilat HaCarmel) on Mount Carmel, near Haifa. He was enjoying a successful acting and teaching career in New York City in the 1980s when the Lord called him into ministry and sent him to Israel under the direction of David Wilkerson and the Times Square Church. Arriving in Israel in 1981, he launched a Bible-based recovery program for Arab and Jewish drug addicts. His early fruits of ministry became the nucleus for the new congregation Carmel Assembly, which soon grew into one of the largest fellowships in the Land.

Along with his wife, Karen, a gifted worship leader, Davis led the congregation for over 25 years. During that time, the Carmel Assembly expanded into many multi-faceted outreach programs to the local community while also gaining respect and admiration from Evangelical Christians worldwide. 
“Pastor David Davis was one of the great pioneers of the local Body of Christ, particularly in the way he managed to bring Jews and Arabs together in the Messiah,” said Dr. Jürgen Bühler, President of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. “This came about not only because he had a great gift for bringing different people together, but he also had a very purposeful vision to see unity among believers, which he achieved despite the conflicts in the Land. It has been truly amazing to see the fruit of his efforts over the years, as Jews, Arabs and Gentiles have joined to worship the Messiah with one heart.” 
There are many pastors and ministry leaders in Israel who were deeply impacted by the life and teaching example of Pastor David Davis, so the fruit of his labours will continue to grow in the years to come. 
Davis had spent the last year or so battling cancer and was completely recovered, but he fell ill last week and passed away on Sunday. He is survived by his wife Karen and their two adopted sons.


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