ICEJ Encourages Young Israelis to Dream


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8 Dec 2016
ICEJ Encourages Young Israelis to Dream
Along Israel’s southern borders with Gaza and Egypt, daily life is regularly interrupted by sirens and alerts, which give only 15 seconds notice of an incoming missile. The ICEJ staff recently paid a solidarity visit to some fo the communities close to the Gaza border, to show support and see the fruit of ICEJ donations from the past months.

On the beautiful grounds of a kibbutz near Gaza is a home for girls aged 12-18, who have been rescued from environments of abuse. With dedicated counsellors and personalised treatment, they have been given an opportunity to build new friendships. At this caring place many of the girls choose to study for a profession which will enable them to help other young Israelis who may have gone through similar traumas.

Some of us wondered why this facility was built so close to the Gaza border. In addition to this region being their home, the experiences of facing threats together and learning how to handle dangerous situations with confidence, actually strengthens the residents in their efforts to overcome other problems.

Thanks to Christian support, the ICEJ sponsored a large dining and living area on the premises, where ICEJ staff members found the girls practising English, playing games, and socializing. At last these troubled girls live in a place which gives them hope for the future.

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The ICEJ staff also visited a school for performing arts near Kibbutz Magen by the Gaza Strip. As the first of its kind in this southern region of Israel, the school provides local students with educational opportunities similar to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. The goal is to make available a world-class, intensive program in performing arts to high school students with artistic potential whose parents cannot afford professional schools in bigger cities.

A sobering security update from the region helped staff members understand the concerns of parents whose children attend the school. Thus we were delighted to witness the delivery of another ICEJ-funded shelters to the school.

The ICEJ has the privilege of being a part of the miracle by lending a helping hand in many different ways, bringing encouragement and security to the courageous residents along the dangerous southern border of Israel.

Please help us continue this life-changing work in Israel!

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