ICEJ connects with pastors in Ivory Coast and Liberia

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22 Jan 2017
ICEJ connects with pastors in Ivory Coast and Liberia
Dr. Maiga Abdou, the ICEJ’s special representative for West Africa, paid a visit to the Ivory Coast in December to meet with the main leaders of the Protestant and Evangelical churches and unify them for more effective activities in support of Israel.

The top denominational leaders in Ivory Coast have formed a Consistory to promote unity and dialogue in the Body of Christ. Some of its members who met with Dr. Abdou in the capital of Abidjan included Rev. Gboagnon Appolinaire, Apostle Bouabre Janvier, Apostle Kpangui Bernard, and Rev. Zeze Raphael. They discussed ways to increase the ICEJ’s reach in their country and to grow the delegation of pilgrims from the Ivory Coast attending the Feast of Tabernacles each year.

As new leaders take on the ICEJ’s work in the Ivory Coast, they expect to see a wider embrace of the ICEJ's vision of supporting Israel while also spreading the Gospel in the nations. The hope is that the churches of Ivory Coast will realise how important it is to invest in acts of compassion and support for the Jewish people, and in prayer for Israel. The recent meetings will undoubtedly give the ICEJ a broader platform to mobilize greater spiritual and political support for Israel in the Ivory Coast.


The new ICEJ national branch in Liberia recently held its own version of the “Envision” pastors’ conference hosted annually by our Embassy headquarters in Jerusalem. The event was considered an absolute breakthrough in connecting the main Evangelical churches of Liberia with Israel.

Organized by ICEJ-Liberia national director Rev. J. Aaron Wright, Sr., the Envision conference 
took place in December at the Holy Deliverance Church of God in Monrovia, and drew pastors from 50 different churches all across Liberia. Held under the theme “Bless, Comfort, and Support Israel to be Blessed and Prosperous”, the event was a unique opportunity for Liberian church leaders to interact and gain a fuller understanding of the importance of the restoration of Israel in our day. Participants also discussed the relationship between Israel and Liberia today, compared to what it was before the 14-year Liberian civil war.

The conference agenda also included meetings with Liberian government officials, including Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, who pledged his full support for the ICEJ’s vision, mission and mandate for Israel. Another meeting was held with MP Julius F. Berrian, who declared himself the “ICEJ Man” within the Liberian parliament. ICEJ-Liberia is now seeking to approach every Christian member of Parliament to become an ambassador for the ICEJ.


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