ICEJ Brings Real Time Relief To Israel

Israel in Crisis

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25 Jan 2017
ICEJ Brings Real Time Relief To Israel
In November, Israel was beset by hundreds of wildfires, many of them deliberately set. The worst fires swept through the city of Haifa, forcing 70,000 residents to evacuate their neighborhoods. Hundreds of apartment buildings were severely damaged and scores of families lost their homes and all of their possessions.

In the midst of this crisis, the ICEJ opened up our Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa to serve as an emergency shelter for displaced families and especially the elderly. We provided temporary housing and hot meals for dozens of elderly Haifa residents in real time, as they were fleeing their homes.

An ICEJ Aid team was at our Haifa Home during the height of the fires to give assistance and calm nerves, and a doctor and nurse treated those suffering from exhaustion and high blood pressure. ICEJ also purchased 180 foldable beds which were used at the Haifa Home and several other shelters across the city to accommodate evacuees.

Once the fires were under control, residents returned home to disaster, as more than 700 houses suffered major damage or were completely destroyed by the flames. The ICEJ immediately provided $1,000 emergency grants to 20 families who were left homeless or whose homes were severely damaged, and we continue to meet urgent needs, knowing how much it would mean to us if others came to our aid during such dire circumstances.

The response has been tremendous! Many of these Israeli families never needed charitable help before, but are so grateful that Christians are reaching out in their time of need. They are welcoming our assistance with open arms.

Sarah, a resident of Haifa, was at home when the fires began to rage in her city. When her son called her to make sure she is okay, she noticed the window frame was hot so the son instructed her to immediately get out of the house. “I left at the last minute,” she told the staff of ICEJ Aid. She received new windows to replace the shattered one in her living area, and ICEJ Aid was there to listen, bring encouragement, and perform small repairs, like fix the water heater damaged during the fire. “You’ve given me a reason to smile again,” she added with gratitude. 

Once again, our presence here in the land has provided timely help and encouragement in the midst of sudden crisis. And it would not be possible without your generosity.

Let Israelis know they are not alone! CLICK HERE to donate to ICEJ Aid today!


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