ICEJ AID Holiday Assistance in the Holy Land

Caring at Christmas

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24 Dec 2010
ICEJ AID Holiday Assistance in the Holy Land

During the Hanukkah and Christmas seasons in Israel this December, the ICEJ has again reached out to needy Jewish and Arab families throughout the Holy Land as a testimony to the heavenly “light” celebrated at these holidays.

During Hanukkah, the ICEJ AID department once again sponsored holiday festivities for several needy Jewish communities, particularly so that underprivileged and abused children and the elderly could enjoy the celebrations.

Now at the Christmas season, we have stepped in to sponsor a number of assistance projects among the Arab Christian community, including the largest Christmas party in Bethlehem, hosted each year by the First Baptist Church of Bethlehem. We have also provided funds to buy Christmas gifts for several hundred Arab children from Bethlehem and Jericho.

Using our contacts with local Arab Christian ministries, ICEJ AID also has provided needy Lebanese refugee families in the Galilee with food coupons for the holidays, while poor Arab Christian families in Nazareth have received food as well.

This Christmas, ICEJ AID also has partnered with charitable ministries in the Old City of Jerusalem so that some 300-to-400 older Arab believers living in the Christian Quarter can experience first-hand care for the holidays, including gifts and blankets for each.

With the onset of winter, ICEJ AID will now focus on making sure the more vulnerable segments of society have the warmth and shelter they need to face the cold weather. This includes distributing blankets and heaters through local social workers to new immigrants, the elderly, poor families and others in dire need.


So please partner with us to assist those in Israel who need and deserve our help. Make an on-line donation today.


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