Helping Fire Victims in Israel


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28 Nov 2016
Helping Fire Victims in Israel
With the aid of countries near and far, Israeli authorities have managed to bring the recent rash of wildfires under control, but hundreds of families are only now starting to struggle with the loss of their homes and all their possessions.
There were hundreds of forest fires all across Israel over the past week, largely due to the dry, windy conditions. But it also is now clear that many were deliberately set, including the massive blazes which swept through built-up neighborhoods of Haifa last Thursday. More than 485 families have been left homeless in Haifa and nationwide, with another 230 severely damaged homes still to be inspected. These people are in desperate need of assistance.
Since the fires in Haifa and certain other areas were ignited for “nationalistic motives”, the Israeli government will provide funds to help those affected families recover. But it will take some time for this assistance to reach them, and there are desperate needs right now which we must reach out to meet.
Currently, there are more than a dozen elderly residents displaced from their homes who are still staying as guests at our Home for Holocaust survivors in Haifa. The Home also is feeding about 280 people every day, about double its normal capacity. Many of these elderly fire victims are requesting help to purchase new furniture, appliances, clothes, bedding, and other household items. This week we will be handing over at least 38 more beds and 25 new refrigerators to some very thankful families. Meanwhile, we also are purchasing 25 oxygen generators and other medical supplies which are urgently needed by some of these elderly victims of the blazes.
In addition, an ICEJ aid team will be in Haifa on Tuesday to visit some of the displaced families, deliver over 100 new quilts and blankets, and work on several damaged homes.
Meantime, the Jewish Agency has asked for our help to provide immediate grants of $1000 to every Israeli family who has lost their home due to the fires. This will help them make urgent purchases while they wait for other government aid. We are considering to assist at least 20 homeless families in this way, knowing that we too would greatly appreciate such timely aid under these tragic circumstances.
The ICEJ would like to thank everyone who has responded so far to our appeals for donations to assist these fire victims in Israel. And please continue to send your gifts to meet these urgent needs.
Thanks so much for opening your hearts to Israel once again!
And please continue to open your hearts to their needs. Give generously to our Israel Disaster Relief Fund.


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