Haifa Home Dedication

ICEJ Special Report

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Haifa Home Dedication

Last week, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem took part in a dedication of the wonderful new home for Holocaust survivors in Haifa. The ceremony took place on Thursday, 8 April and was attended by an ICEJ delegation headed by our International Director, Dr. Juergen Buehler, along with Israeli dignitaries, local survivors, and their relatives and friends. We were all hosted at the event by our charitable partner in this exciting project, Shimon Sabag of Yad Ezer L’Haver (Helping Hands to Friends).

In just a few short weeks, the ICEJ has been able to raise the funds to purchase and renovate a four storey building in Haifa that will serve as an assisted-living facility for more than 80 Holocaust survivors. The dedication marked the completion and opening of the community center and kitchen on the ground floor, where over 100 survivors in the area will be fed each day.

The ceremony was attended by the German Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Harald Kindermann, Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni, Labour MK Eitan Cabel, and Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, while the nation’s Chief (Ashkenazi) Rabbi, Yona Metzger, was also there to affix the mezuzah on the front door.Haifa Home Dedication

The event drew a variety of media, especially from the Israeli and German press.
The final opening of the entire facility will occur next month and is expected to take place in the presence of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Until then, the ICEJ is still raising funds to complete the renovations, provide furnishings, install a new elevator, and help with initial operating expenses. So there is still time to get involved in this incredible charitable venture if you have not done so already. And for those who have given, our most sincere thanks for helping make this facility possible in such a short time.

Haifa Home DedicationMore than 850 people, mostly survivors of Nazi death camps in Poland and Germany, have already signed up on the waiting list to apply for a place in this new facility, and we want to move the approved boarders in as soon as possible.


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