Gatherings in Brazil and Ireland

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8 Feb 2015
Gatherings in Brazil and Ireland

In late November, the ICEJ Irish Branch organised a solidarity rally outside the national Parliament building in Belfast to show support for Israel during the current wave of terror attacks. Several Irish lawmakers joined the rally to express their full support for Israel’s right to defend itself and to protest the recent EU labelling guidelines against Israel. More than 100 Christians from across Ireland took part in the pro-Israel demonstration, spearheaded by ICEJ-Ireland national director Brian Silvester.

ICEJ’s David Parsons addressed the crowd, stating the free world needs to stand with Israel in its fight against terror just as it did with France in the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks. He noted that when France closed its borders, no one accused its leaders of imposing “collective punishment” like they often do with Israel.

Local MP David McIlveen stated that on a recent visit to Ramallah he was shocked to hear a Palestinian official say that it was justified to kill Jews in order to gain an advantage at the negotiating table. “This is not the sort of people you can deal with,” McIlveen insisted. He added that it was hypocritical of Westerners to call for a boycott of Israeli products which he saw were readily available on the shelves of stores in Ramallah.

MP Jim Shannon assured the gathering that he takes every opportunity in the House of Commons to uphold Israel’s right to defend its citizens. Shannon stated that as the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel deserves much more support from the UN than it receives.


Gathering In Brazil

By Barry Denison

In November I was privileged to travel to Brazil to represent the ICEJ and speak on behalf of our ministry. In the city of Sao Luiz, Maranhao, on the northeastern coast of Brazil, I addressed participants of the annual conference of “Igreja da Colheita” (Church of the Harvest) founded by Bishop Renato Chaves. The three speaking engagements each had 2-3,000 in attendance. In Sao Luis I was honored to speak and share about God’s heart for Israel with the church “Ministerio Apostolico Internacional Shalom” (International Apostolic Ministry Shalom), founded by Apostolo Silvio Antonio.

I then traveled to Brasilia, where the churches of Sara Nossa Terra, founded by Bishop Robson Rodovalho, welcomed me and the mission of ICEJ with great expectancy. I spoke six times over five days in Brazilia and Ceilandia, where the largest meeting was attended by approximately 3,000 Brazilians. My trip ended in Araguari, MG, where I ministered to the “Igreja Crista Apostolica” (Christian Apostolic Church), led by Pastor Fernanda.

The spiritual hunger of these Brazilian churches was astonishing. Their passion in worship and their response to the teachings of the Word of God were both humbling and impressive. In many of the services the congregation came forward to pray or receive prayer, as they humbly embraced the Word and asked the Lord for help to live out these truths in their lives.

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