Fruit of Prophetic Ministry of Dr. Dionny Baez at Feast 2016

Feast of Tabernacles

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21 Jan 2017
Fruit of Prophetic Ministry of Dr. Dionny Baez at Feast 2016
The ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles 2016 was inaugurated once again at Ein Gedi, along the Dead Sea in Israel. The evening’s guest speaker was Dr. Dionny Baez, son of missionaries, who at a very young age began preaching, ministering and holding large Gospel crusades all across Latin America. Dr. Baez currently pastors a growing bilingual (Spanish and English) church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Under the stars on this warm desert night, Dr. Baez lead a very beautiful, powerful and anointed time of ministry, including worship with both old and new songs. Moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Baez shared words of knowledge and prophetic utterances received from the Lord, some of which were addressed to specific people, including ICEJ-UK Director Rev. David Elms.

Prior to the meeting, we learned that Rev. Elms was hospitalized in Liverpool, England, and had just undergone surgery for an aneurism, an often fatal swelling of a blood vessel. Dr. Baez led the gathering in a corporate prayer for Elms, and then prophesied that, at 10 PM England time that evening, there would be major improvement in Elms’ condition. Afterwards, Elms’ family members reported they received a call from the hospital exactly at the predicted time, informing them of great progress in Elms’ condition.

We are overjoyed to report Rev. Elms was discharged from the hospital in mid-November and today is at home, recovering from his near-death experience. Together with Dr. Jürgen Bühler, the ICEJ Executive Director, we were delighted to hear Elms’ laughter over the phone! The Lord Jesus was faithful to heal and His prophet had heard it right. We serve a wonderful and supernatural God who does wondrous works and miracles in an answer to our prayers!

Dr. Baez also prophesied to a group from Bolivia, who were part of this large, multinational gathering of about 3400 delegates, that soon they would experience a shift in their country on a national level. A few weeks later we learned that a unique prayer meeting took place in Bolivia, commemorating the Reformation from 500 years ago. In this meeting, Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, together with his cabinet and local pastors were lifting their hands up in prayer to God, publicly dedicating the nation of Bolivia to the Lord Jesus!

In this glorious and very gracious presence of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Dionny Baez also prophesied to the ICEJ Senior Spokesperson David Parsons, who was standing in the crowd, about a book concerning the Middle East and the Muslim religion, which in the Spirit he saw David Parsons writing. This word was later confirmed by David Parsons to be true.

Many more prophetic words were shared that evening by Dr. Dionny Baez – naming specific situations and people – which were also confirmed to be true. Towards the end of the service Dr. Dionny Baez encouraged everyone, citing the Letter to the Hebrews from the New Testament, to pursue the manifested presence and glory of the Lord Jesus, emphasizing the importance of praise and worship in order to experience it.


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