Equipping Young Adults in Finland to Promote Peace

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23 Jan 2017
Equipping Young Adults in Finland to Promote Peace

This past autumn, ICEJ-Finland launched an anti-BDS educational project which travels to the country's biggest cities. Called “Equipping Young Adults to Promote Peace, Justice and Solidarity in the Middle East” (YAPS), the project includes public lectures and workshops. The lectures, titled “Keys to Understanding the Middle East Conflict,” explore how international law is used as a weapon in Arab-Israeli conflict and how human rights are observed in the Middle East. Another theme is the BDS movement, its real background and goals. Two lawyers specializing in international law participated as lecturers and educators.

The lectures are held at neutral venues, like public libraries, in order to reach a wider audience, while workshops are open to smaller and more dedicated groups. The main target is building networks for further pro-Israeli activities, but we also rehearse argumentation and brainstorm for inventing practical and creative ways to influence on behalf of Israel and the truth. Each attendant sets some definite goals for him/herself to be reached within a set time-frame.

The need for this kind of activity is ever-growing in Europe. BDS ideology is being promoted by an increasing number of organizations. If we do not teach history, the basic facts of Israel's legitimacy, and justice in this conflict, we leave the field open to be conquered by these movements with their distorted message. We want to equip the next generation to meet the new spiritual era that is facing the western world, and to rise boldly equipped with the truth.


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