On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign

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23 Jan 2017
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Isaiah 62 Prayer Campaign draws more intercessors every month, including a group of Iranian refugees in Europe who recently converted to Christianity. Our heart for Israel manifests not only through faithful works of service and generous giving, but also through persistent prayers. The Lord invites us to partner with Him in bringing His Kingdom to earth, as we pray for His will to be done. And when we remind God of His great promises for the people and land of Israel delivered through the Hebrew prophets, He assures us that He is watching over His word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:11-12 NASB).

For the past six years now, the ICEJ has been connecting intercessors around the world through the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative, to pray that God’s purposes for Israel will come to pass. We are receiving encouraging reports of God’s power touching lives through this great prayer movement in the nations.

Edith, an ICEJ supporter from Nairobi, Kenya, was excited to learn of the Isaiah 62 prayer campaign because she wanted to support Israel but did not know where to begin. “I realised it was something I could easily do,” she recently told us. “Sometimes you have money, sometimes you don’t have money. And prayer? You can do that every day!”

She urged everyone to read chapter 62 of Isaiah and pray in line with its message. “I think it’s very much on the heart of God to pray for His city. The Bible says over and over again that in Jerusalem, God has put His name forever. So we can’t just forget about it and go on with our lives as if that didn’t matter. If God says it is His city, we need to be interested in what is happening to her.”

Meanwhile in Europe, Isaiah 62 prayer meetings have drawn an unexpected group of people. An Israel prayer group in Stuttgart, Germany was joined by dozens of Iranian refugees who recently converted to Christianity. Repenting for the sins of their government and nation, they intercede passionately for Israel. As German and Iranian believers worship in both the Farsi and German languages, their prayers for Israel have created a real sense of unity.

“When it comes to prayer, you can never go wrong with praying for people,” Edith reminds us. “It is God’s will that all men will be saved. And as Isaiah says, do not give Him rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise! Come to the Feast, come volunteer with the ICEJ, meet other Israeli believers and see what God is doing in Israel!”

CLICK HERE to join the Isaiah 62 global prayer movement and pray with us on the first Wednesday of every month!


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