Capitals of Czech and Slovak Republics take a stand for Israel

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10 Dec 2015
Capitals of Czech and Slovak Republics take a stand for Israel

ICEJ led crowds in the cities of Prague and Bratislava in central Europe to express Christian support for the State of Israel.

Prague, Czech Republic

Over 400 participants gathered to express their support for the state of Israel at an event that was inaugurated with the anthems of both the Czech Republic and the State of Israel. Shai Abramson, chief cantor of the Israeli Army (IDF), sent a video greeting which was followed by speeches from representatives of civic organisations and groups, who stressed the right of the State of Israel to defend itself against terrorist attacks.

The people involved in the event were deeply impressed by Professor Alexander Fried, a Holocaust survivor, who recalled the traditionally good relations between Czechs and Jews. The gathering was enriched by Hebrew songs and prayers, including a prayer for the State of Israel. At the conclusion, a strong message of hope was expressed for the Israeli nation to overcome these challenging times and put a stop to this wave of terror. After the official portion of the event, participants filled the Wenceslas Square in Prague with singing and dancing to the rhythm of modern Israeli songs.

The event was a joint venture of several organizations, including the ICEJ-Czech Republic, Bnei Israel congregation, Jewish Liberal Union, League against Anti-Semitism and the Facebook group ‘We support Israel’.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Also in October nearly 300 Christians went to the streets in the capital of the Slovak Republic. The event, organized by ICEJ-Slovakia, publicly expressed Slovak solidarity with Israel, and was attended by numerous high profile personalities from the country’s political and social scene. This event also opened with the Slovak and Israeli anthems.

Peter Svec, chairman of ICEJ-Slovakia, introduced a declaration of solidarity with Israel signed by prominent Christian organizations operating in Slovakia. Well-known and respected security analyst, Mr. Ivo Samson explained the current situation in Israel. On behalf of the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia, honorary chairman Pavol Traubner stressed that Israel must and will defend itself against terrorist attacks.

At the end of the event, the participants formed a five-meter radius Star of David with candles while singer Jana Orliclá, gave a live performance. The peaceful rally on the Main Square in Bratislava concluded with Jewish music resounding throughout the city. 

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