Adopt a Holocaust Survivor


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9 Nov 2015
Adopt a Holocaust Survivor

Last month in the ICEJ Report we recounted the plight of remaining Holocaust survivors who live in Israel. The warm atmosphere of the Haifa Home brings joy and healing to over 70 of these elderly Israelis on a daily basis.

Every resident of the home carries a unique story of survival. Though they are often traumatic, we listen to these stories and write them down, preserving them so future generations and other nations may learn of this dark chapter in history. As the world is being overcome by new waves of anti-Semitism, the survivors often ask us: Don’t let this happen again.

Bertold and Sofia are husband and wife living at the Haifa Home, but they came from very different worlds.

Bertold was born in Romania 94 years ago. He was taken with his parents to a forced labor camp where they suffered hunger, freezing cold and diseases. His two brothers were killed. After the war he tried to rebuild his life, got married and had two children. Sadly his wife died of cancer years later. 

Sofia’s family came from Kiev, Ukraine. Her father died in a forced labor camp, which left her mother a widow at the age of 24. They also suffered terribly from hunger, diseases and freezing cold. After the war they returned to their home in Kiev, but it had been completely destroyed by bombing so they had to start their life from scratch. Sofia married and immigrated to Israel in 1989. Her husband passed away when she was still young.

A few years later Bertold met Sofia here in Israel and, as they say, it was love at first sight. Bertold sighs: “Sofia is a gift from heaven!”

In their old age they were left with hardly any financial resources. “To our joy we are living now in the Haifa Home and we don’t feel alone,” Bertold explains. “We have someone helping us with our needs and problems, which is wonderful in our old age.”

When residents come to live in the Home, they are usually still independent and relatively healthy. However, since most of them are in their 80s and 90s, we eventually see a decline in their health, which can happen quite suddenly. Therefore we are always looking for creative solutions to meet the unique needs of each resident.

You can help us surround these survivors with security and care! The average monthly cost per resident is USD 2,250.


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