Obama Administration in bid to avert Palestinian UN action

Shooting in Nablus leaves one Israeli dead, four wounded

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26 Apr 2011
Obama Administration in bid to avert Palestinian UN action

The Obama Administration has launched a new diplomatic initiative with Israel and the Palestinian Authority aimed at avoiding a PA threat to take its case for statehood to the UN in September, but PLO Secretary-General Yasser Abed Rabbo declared on Monday that the PA was determined to go ahead with the plan regardless of what Israel or the US does.

"The Palestinian leadership won't back down unless real and serious peace negotiations are launched on the basis of the 1967 borders," Abed Rabbo told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper, adding that the PA was also prepared to make a deal that would include a land, and not a population, swap with Israel.

"Without this, we will go to the UN, and after winning recognition [for a state] we will demand that Israeli military and settler presence [in the West Bank] be considered an act of aggression on the sovereignty of a full member of the UN," he added. "We don't have a third option."

PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are both scheduled to make trips to Europe in the coming months to lobby for acceptance and denial, respectively, of the idea by the major democracies. The US and Germany have already come out publically against a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state in September.

The PA has been joined by its rival, the Iranian backed Islamist terror militia Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip, in sharply criticizing Obama and flatly rejecting the idea recently put forth for a Palestinian State with eastern Jerusalem as its capital but without guaranteeing the right of millions of Palestinians to "return" to the homes of their parents and grandparents in pre-1948 Israel.

Relations between Israel and the PA took a big hit on Sunday when a PA police officer shot and killed a Jewish man after praying at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus. Four other Jewish worshippers were also wounded in the shooting attack on their vehicle which took place as they were leaving Nablus.

Ben Yosef Livnat (Yeshiva World News)The killed man was Ben Yosef Livnat, 24, father of four and nephew of Minister of Culture and Sports Limor Livnat (Likud). Of the four wounded, two were in serious condition on Tuesday. After the shooting, a crowd gathered and vandalized the Tomb.

The IDF said that the group of Breslov Hassidim worshippers had entered Nablus, which is in Area A and under the security jurisdiction of the PA, without permission of the authorities and the PA police claimed that they had refused to obey instructions and tried to run through a roadblock. The Breslov group has a history of disregarding the instructions of the IDF in regards to visiting sites of historical and/or theological significance in the West Bank. But Gershon Mesika, head of the Samaria regional council, told Army Radio that precisely because the PA police knew this and knew that the worshippers were unarmed they should have known that there was no reason to use deadly force.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu sharply condemns the murder of Ben-Yosef Livnat and demands that the PA take tough steps against the perpetrators of this criminal act against Jews who were on their way to pray," the Prime Minister's Office said in the statement.

The PA has admitted that the officer "fired erroneously" and has expressed embarrassment over the incident but so far they have refused to transfer custody of the officer to Israel.


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