Israel Considering Military Operation Against Hamas

Hamas Issues Defiant Statement

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16 Oct 2018 (All day)
Israel Considering Military Operation Against Hamas
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman was in southern Israel Tuesday morning meeting with senior IDF officers and telling reporters, among other things, that “Now is the time for decisions. My position is very clear: We must deal a heavy blow against Hamas. This is the only way to return the situation to its previous state and to reduce the level of violence to nearly zero.”

"Everyone understands that the situation today cannot continue. We cannot accept violence week after week. The Defense Ministry has used kid gloves before the violence broke out [on March 30], including with international organizations. We have exhausted our options,” Liberman added. “The change came last Friday. We allowed tanks of diesel to enter Gaza and, in return, were facing the kind of violence that we have not seen in a long time. We also saw [Hamas leader Ismail] Haniyeh saying: ‘Diesel and salaries are not going to stop the violence until the blockade is lifted.’”

Hamas responded to similar statements from Israeli officials over the weekend by posting a statement Monday evening declaring that “The threats serve as an incentive for increased participation in the March of Return, its continuity and its development.”

However, other Gaza-based terror militias issued statements urgin their fighters to prepare for a fight with the IDF.

The statements came amidst efforts by Egypt to persuade Hamas to discontinue its hostile actions towards Israel in order to avoid a larger conflict.

Here is a video giving some more insight into this situation


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