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The Christian Edition

Jerusalem Post Christian Edition, September 2006For more than 75 years The Jerusalem Post has been the most widely recognized and trusted source for news on Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

Now, The Post is offering Israel's Christian friends a high-quality monthly news magazine dedicated to their unique interests and published in full partnership with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

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Putting the Pieces Together

Jerusalem Post Christian Edition: Putting the Pieces TogetherPacked full of biblical insight, political analysis and unreported news from the Holy Land, The Christian Edition is a must read for Christians who care about Israel. Each monthly issue draws on the journalistic talents of the full-time Jerusalem Post editorial staff with exclusive commentary and feature content tailored for Christian readers worldwide. Annual subscription is approx. $60 for delivery in the US.*

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* Price may vary in line with other Jerusalem Post rate schedules, promotions or special offers. As a content and marketing partner, the ICEJ is not responsible for production or distribution of The Christian Edition. 

Please address subscription-related questions to The Jerusalem Post.

Tel: 1-888-576-7881 (Toll Free)


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