Haifa Home Needs

Helping Holocaust Survivors in Israel

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Holocaust Survivors from ICEJ Haifa Home

As the Haifa Home is evolving, we currently need funds for specific projects. There are many costs which are re-occurring each month, others are a one-time investment. These are the current appeals with the amounts that are needed:

1. Salary of One Staff Member per Month          

EUR 1,975 / USD 2,650


  • The Social Worker is vital to the Home to deal with the questions, concerns and various problems of the residents that arise each day.
  • A Coordinator for all the activities in the Recreational & Therapeutic Facility
  • A Doctor

2. Electricity bill per month                          
EUR 12,275 / USD 16,500

We are thankful for every donation that we receive for these projects. They are a huge blessing to the continuation of this special Home. When you donate, please specify the project name: Haifa Home Needs.

For more information about the projects, please email us.

Please support this urgent and worthy humanitarian project:


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