God’s intervention in history

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Sun, 05/31/2009

Passover is an amazing story of miracles, deliverance and atonement with which we are all familiar. But God’s intervention in history that first Passover also has broader lessons for us today.

One, that God is interested in the destiny of nations. His great acts in history are “timed” to either bless or judge nations for their righteousness or unrighteousness. Egypt suffered a catastrophic blow during the first great Passover.

Two, that God hears the cry of the oppressed and enslaved. The Israelites had suffered enormously under Egyptian tyranny until God said: “Enough is enough!” The same holds true for our world today.

Three, that God makes His name great in the earth by His mighty deeds. To this day books, articles and movies are made about this wonderful Passover deliverance. The same is true of many events in the history of His people, such as the miraculous establishment of the State of Israel 60 years ago, or her deliverance in the many wars she has already endured. God is great! This is the message.

Four, the God of the Bible is not just involved in temporal affairs. His heart is for the eternal destiny of every man, woman and child. Thus, 2000 years ago at Passover, His only begotten Son died on a cross to redeem the world. Blood was spilt, atonement was made and the door to heaven opened, signified by the veil being split from top to bottom in the temple. These are wondrous things indeed.

Today, the nation of Israel still awaits temporal and eternal deliverance. God will not fail her and He will, as of old, intervene and confound the world yet again with another mighty Passover deliverance.

The ancient Israelites suffered as slaves in Egypt for many years while waiting for God’s intervention. But all the time He was busy behind the scenes preparing the way for that great and awesome day.

So today we should not be discouraged or lose faith as Israel suffers war and injustice. This is especially hard when we see incidents such as the eight young boys brutally killed by a terrorist while praying and studying the Torah in their religious school. This vicious attack pained the entire nation.

Yet even at times like that, we can be assured that God has not forgotten His people and is at work in history preparing the way for their deliverance. Our calling is to stand beside Israel and encourage and bless her with these edifying truths. We should not take for granted the importance of this calling. I regularly hear from Israelis that our faith gives them faith!

True love is not just words but actions and I know that, for years, you have helped and blessed Israel with your most generous giving and faithful prayers. The many projects that we have completed are testimony to this. I thank you for it.

Why did you do all this? Because your own life was totally transformed by the Passover message and you discovered that this amazing transformation that the Bible calls regeneration came to you because of a Jewish Messiah and the people that paved the way for Him to come into our world. Truly, Jesus was right when He said, “Salvation is of the Jews.”

We have received so much from the Jewish people spiritually, it is only right that we help them in their time of need. With your continued financial support we will be able to do so.


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